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About Us

The popularity of FatBikes keeps on growing, and we just can’t stop finding ways to make them FUN! Our passion for hockey and love for these unique, all-terrain bikes brought the winning idea of Hockey FatBikes to life.

Our marketing strategists were quick to see that this new type of bike can be a powerful promotional tool for brand managers, as well as being a surprising leisure activity for consumers of all ages seeking new experiences. For even more fun, you can ride in almost all conditions 12 months a year! No special ability or aptitude is required, except knowing how to ride a bike.


To facilitate access to this new type of ‘’FUN’’, we work hand-in-hand with the major bicycle manufacturing companies that produce our FatBikes to give you the best price/quality ratio.But what really sets us apart is that we offer a unique customization opportunity for our FatBikes to create tailor-made models to meet each customer’s marketing needs:

  • Visual extension of popular brands of products and services to enhance their marketing outreach
  • Accurate branding of major sports teams, appealing to their legions of fans
  • Affiliation to a network that consumers recognize and rely on
  • Showing support for a cause or an event
  • Traveling signage for tourist destinations and local attractions
  • And many more!

Like the FunFatBikes themselves, there are no limits to what we can do: Logos, graphic standards, PMS (Pantone Matching System) or corporate colours, images, Web addresses… everything is possible when it comes to branding our FatBikes.
Please note: The NHL® FatBike designs are licensed and cannot be modified.


The FunFatBikes rental network is a chance for business operators to earn additional income while showcasing their business, brand and location. We have created a growing network of rental locations where newcomers can discover the pleasure of this unique, trendy and FUN ride while promoting local services and tourist attractions.
Concept: We offer local business operators, and even large retail networks of all types, the possibility of featuring a short-term FunFatBike rental service. Our rental FunFatBike are sold or rented to them on the basis of variable agreements and bike customization options according to their needs. Promotional tools are also available, and social media support is offered through Facebook, Twitter, and other popular platforms.

Available in 20″ (junior) and 26″ (adult) wheel sizes, we put the ”Fun” in FatBike to appeal to everyone. We can also supply bike helmets, quality locks, as well as sales and administration tools to assist our rental network members. Standardized rates throughout the rental network ensure that consumers have similar fees, no matter which FunFatBikes centre they rent from. Inns, hotels, campgrounds, tourist stopovers, grocery stores, local attractions, etc., are but a few examples of sites operated by FunFatBike’s authorized network members.


To highlight the 100th anniversary of the NHL®, Pacific Cycle is offering a unique product lineup, the Original Six™ Series. Fans of the Boston Bruins®, Chicago Blackhawks®, Detroit Red Wings®, Montreal Canadiens®, New York Rangers®, and Toronto Maple Leafs®, may proudly show their support with our specially designed NHL® FatBike to rapidly attract attention and make other fans green with envy!

There was such excitement among sports fans during market research when developing the test visuals that we wanted to ride the wave of this enthusiasm and we decided to design a special edition Stanley Cup® Champions FatBike. Last season saw the Stanley Cup® hoisted by the Pittsburgh Penguins®, and we emblazoned our 2016 Stanley Cup® Champions Edition NHL® FatBike with the winning team’s official logo and colours to celebrate their victory.

Lastly, the dynamic hockey fans of Quebec have also inspired us to create a unique Vintage Hockey™ Edition for the wonderful die-hard fans of the Quebec Nordiques™.

How would you like to do the branding of your trademark on our unique FunFatBikes?

What a great way to promote your brand, stand out from the crowd and be associated with the fastest growing leisure trend in North America! And you will benefit from visibility as an eco- responsible corporation that is encouraging healthy habits associated to cycling, as well as promoting a “green” and FUN method of transportation.

The limitless personalization options pave the way to success for your sales promotions while effectively showcasing your brand. We are able to supply your marketing departments with a completely original promotional tool that will appeal to your target clientele who would be instantly drawn to it.

FunFatbikes are unique, eye-catching, and FUN… and, most of all, they will give your brand a powerful visual impact during all seasons, year after year.

To put the FUN in FatBikes, think FunFatBikes!